A man like no other, a brilliant mind,
Humble in nature, to timber so kind.
Genius so simple, a loving family man,
His hands craft magic, like no other can.

Trees whisper his name, take me they would say,
To live on in an afterlife, please take me away.
A handle is simple, not when it’s made his way,
It remains set and upright, when made in his way.

A pipe smoking father, taught him his skill,
He took it to new heights, empowering his will.
Speaking German and English, tucked in the woods,
A craftsman was born to grace us with his goods.

So simple he makes the most difficult look,
I’ve watched him often, now snagged by a hook.
What seems so simple, ‘just’, the word does lie,
The grand master of woodwork, others claim it, then cry.

Behind the scenes, digital programmer of high regard,
His hands best create magic on a bandsaw, not memory card.
A huge smile overwhelm my cheeks when I watch the tube,
My eyes shine brightly, watching playback I’m glued.

My mind has been heavy, with matters of the heart,
Its been long over due now, the catchup will start.
I thank you Matthias, for everything you share,
My world is a better place, knowing you are there.

Rejoice in your givings, the trees sing a song,
When I’ve aged and I die, with Matthias I belong.
You champion a hope that lives in a million hearts,
Of infinite pleasures, the sum of all your parts.

You bring joy to my world, enriching my brain,
A depth of wisdom you behold, at one with natures grain.
Share your passion with family, give them our love,
Trees wave with the breeze, smiling shadows of joy, high from above.