The light heart

In the deepest parts of my darkened heart,
Is an image of a girl where my love did start.
She nurtured and loved in her own way,
She cooked and she cleaned each and every day.

Her smiles and her tears were all I desire,
My love for her pure, devoted never to tire.
A fight to keep this heart forever glad,
With gifts we did brighten when we were sad.

A vow of love flowed through my veins,
A trust to share I gave her the reins.
In solitude our passions were lovely and kind,
Her eyes shining brightly, always on my mind.

Her motherhood outstanding and always true,
Her devotion to her family, I could see through.
The love of her father was admirable and of give,
It helped us in rough times to let us live.

She is not a woman of too much to ask,
She does with conviction each daily task.
Her tears of emotion rained over me,
I saw in her eyes, the need to be free.

She did not cope well with society,
In heart she did have a sobriety.
It wasn’t the fact that she resorted to drink,
A world of demands told her what to think

She’s cried in my arms, I have done the same,
She needed my love and to play the game.
If she knew how dearly I wanted to win,
She’d see how it hurt me and how I did sin.

My name is Sinanian, I wanted to share,
My friend is Lucilla and I really do care,.
She loved my Nene, she saw something of kind,
She loved my family, it remains in my mind.

The moments we cherish are still there to find,
There’s hardship in marriage and we need to be kind.
The Queen will emerge when the King does bow,
We struggled with hardship, from then till now.

It is a sad life when the love is lost,
Give it a chance, I’ll pay any cost.
She has done her duty, boys are men,
They’ll depart leaving us lonely, what then?

My dear Lucilla, the future is there,
What can you tell me, do you really care.’
Fear not the past, bring on a new life,
You have the power, you are still my wife.