The General

The General laced with silver stars,
A passion for small and large cars.
Driving many a soul around town,
The wordwsmith had a heart of a clown.

He cared and shared his troubles kept,
We laughed a lot and sometimes wept.
We’d fight over love and life alike,
He loved the speedway and a classic bike.

Crazy he was, we are all a bit,
It was my place, somewhere to sit.
I watched him challenge every breath,
Shirk the fear of mortality and death.

He longed a love, a woman’s touch,
A mothers care, he missed so much.
Stubborn and strict, old school in time,
Being true to himself, it’s not crime.

With strings and toys surrounding him,
We’d chat and play music at our whim.
He had a voice, with a few he shared,
It made a smile on those who cared.

A coffee and smoke, a good meat pie,
Change his ways, too much to get by.
General passed on, Ken breathes well,
Anzac day, many a good man fell.

I’ll miss the handshake, his warm hand,
His body will scatter over our proud land.
His smile and laugh will be forever missed,
A friend that loved me, a heart that’s kissed.

Breath easy friend, the hard part is over.