A good bloke Mike, who can always do,
Not an average man, his word is true.
His heart is warm, his welcome bold,
Giving in nature, a warm soul unsold.

From a distant land, a saviour for me,
Hearing my cries, with my eyes he could see.
Welcoming in word, worthy of trust,
Honouring friendship, deeper than crust.

Busy with work, with family and wife,
Few moments of his own to enjoy life.
Time giving freely, greeting all than join,
He cares more for the person, not of the coin.

A fragile faith in people I do meet,
This man is a knight, he is an elite.
If ever you meet him, the one SirGuyDo,
Stop to greet him, he is good for you.

He is now part of my list, the very best,
In men I do trust, with few I can rest.
My knight of healing, my friend so true,
I bow in your honour, Sir Guy Do.