A glimmer of hope wafted by me one day,
Meeting a kind swiss heart to have my say.
On a mountain top he and KC welcomed me,
Together we worked in debate and harmony.

A struggle in time though our passion true,
Much care was shared, the greatest virtue.
A Hanna was sharp of tongue, warm heart and kind,
There were others that shined with a brilliant mind.

We worked all hours for the good of company,
Caring for each other like leaves on a tree.
The winds would blow and the seasons would pass,
Never a day passed without feeling first class.

A smile would stride with a feverish gait,
A director of hearts and a warm friendly mate.
Another would sit in a room with a screen,
My most familiar friend, his name was Dene.

At my helm sat a mind of outstanding skill,
Sometimes we fought, was not a time to chill.
Terabytes flowed in and out of the flow,
Never to sticky and always too slow.

My three hats were wearing more than my head,
Losing too much sleep worried lying in bed.
Each new day dawned, new challenges rose,
Making deadlines meet by the smallest nose.

Frames so delightful, captured by two brothers great,
A wife and a mentor, Fiona taught me weather could wait.
Sausage factory they said, not in my book if you ask,
Within a week of the last magic made was their task.

The reels would rolls on and the cards would fill,
A machine ticking over, not a byte would spill.
Salt and sand would corrode old trusty tripod head,
Inox and love to recover them from deeming them dead.

So much love and pride did I walk past the hall,
Images of great pride lit brightly on the wall.
Emotions ebbing and flowing with pressure so great,
There was always support if you needed a mate.

A company so bound to one purpose and will,
Togetherness impossible to harm or kill.
TPD is a passion, the love that I always will hold,
The best experience in business, to be said and told.

No one will ever dull the memory of my past,
The kind duty of care, eternally cast.
To diminish a history of the great time I had,
Indeed nuts for leaving them and eternally mad.

My thoughts will live on for the dreams that came true,
A heart that is broken, holding memories of you.
The truth is in archives, the greatness written to tape,
The magnetic media holds a history one can not rape.

I loved you then, I still love you now,
My dreams did come true, for this I do bow.
If the future is righteous then a day will come,
My dreams of greatness lay in the hands of some.