Lovely sleep

Subconscious darkness, a black trance,
Demons monstering the mind in a dance.
Images painted without a warm embrace,
Fooling the soul with a changing face.

Adventure and escape without a goal,
Toying emotions, corrupting the soul.
Like space without time, eternal void,
Awaking in fear, heart and mind annoyed.

A large bed exists, only half used,
In it lay a heart battered and bruised.
To lay beside the one who has the touch,
Five minutes of rest, needed so much.

A simple touch of a warm loving hand,
Demons destroyed, dark emotions banned.
The mind now resting, the heart does fill,
Time awakes, a dark void no longer still.

Jolting spark, love on a finger tip,
A warm cup of tea to sit by and sip.
In less than the time of home and away,
A mind found peace, by your side it lay.

Not shallow skin deep, nor bodily need,
Nor of burning desire, or tempting greed.
A moment in time, dried a crying heart’s weep,
Healing a broken mind with a loving sleep.