King Rama IX

His majesty has passed, his wisdom true, eternal beauty in all of you.
His grace I’ve felt in strangers met, friends forever, I never forget.
Bow my head and clasp my hand, blessed is the grace in your land.
Children born with love in heart, carried in parents never to part.

I saw a woman, her hair touched by all, proud you stand and very tall.
Her vow to him with utmost respect, I took a moment to think and reflect.
Thai people have a golden heart, living the beautiful ways of an ancient art.
To love each other in this life’s song, will steer your life from doing wrong.

Caring for people is richer that gold and to share your love until you grow old.
When children pass and hold your hand,  pride is passed and tall we stand.
A friend of mine has been here too long, I hear a voice singing a lovely song.
Thailand shines brightly when I look at him, an eternal light that will never dim.

His majesty’s passing brings sadness to me,  but the seed he left becomes a new tree.
Life is but a moment, a very short time, the legacy in Thailand remains  sublime.
A golden monument is no surprise, yet a King is blessed by the tears in your eyes.
Stand tall Thai people your are so fine, a pride of people mourning the passing of nine.

Love, Harry.