Jewel of marriage

Life’s clarity is clouded, the world cares not for you;
Trust in each other, listening to what you must do.
The power of one is more than doubled in two;
Trust only each other, find your own path that’s true.

Your dreams and your passions may have to wait;
Make each day of your lives, the best with your mate.
The wants of today may be fruitless and lost;
When needs of tomorrow, are too high a cost.

In your union of love, there must be a trust;
Patiently learning and listening, this is a must.
Be thoughtful and caring, be ready to chance;
For this love you will cherish, an eternal dance.

There is no right reason, no thought that is wrong;
Open minds to each other, it’s where you belong.
Hardship will strengthen this love’s eternal bond;
Keep strong in your hearts, the first love felt so fond.

The beauty of marriage will take your breath away;
Take heed to forgiveness and learning each day.
Share you differences with honor and pride of heart;
Vow to always be truthful from the very start.

The jewels of others will tempt you both into fight;
Remember a smile is a thought born of light.
Walk by each other, lift each to greater heights;
Protecting the love that will be your guiding lights.

It will not be easy, take that out of your mind;
Remind each other and yourself to be kind.
Your dreams will come true in the union you seek;
Wants and desires are for those that are weak.

Take each other and learn of a truth you both share;
Generosity and humility will show that you care.
The challenge is compromise and patience from above;
Learn from each day and wisdom will bless your love.