Healing rock pool

In a silent rock pool I did rest,
Natures hands wrapped my breast.
Morning nightmares they did stalk,
The beach beckoned me for a walk.

With a camera in my hand,
Hopping rocks over land.
A north point I could see,
Morning sun waiting for me.

A glowing dawn I did frame,
My heart heavy it did tame.
The sun’s warm red glow shone,
My mind clear, all pain gone.

Nestled in wind swept rock,
Tranquil water did not mock.
My choice to capture a pic,
Became a mother’s healing trick.

The sanctuary spoke softly to me,
Cool breeze wafting over the sea.
Her majesty, mother earth the cure,
Small man drawn to her wonderous allure.

The pictures stored in many a byte,
The cliffs towering boldy in height.
How small and humble this man did feel,
In amongst the beauty of nature so real.

My feet worked bare, cut and sore,
Soothed by her beauty, I could adore.
No bodily pain could ever compare,
To mother nature’s gift and fresh air.

As I hopped back to the beach,
An old man came over to preach.
How can any man dare to deny,
Beauty around us, which we defy.

As I returned back for a sleep,
Mind now cleared proper and deep.
Ocean sounds echoing in mind,
Soothed by a mother so kind.