Golden cheek

Across me sat a golden smile,
A cheek ignored for a long while.
Beside her sat a warming hand,
Love was found and it was grand.

We spoke of love and trials of life,
No longer a maid and a sad wife.
Beside me sat my love to mend,
Love was spoken from a friend.

Warm hands touch, her eyes did shine,
Love smiling, like the love of mine.
Spiteful thoughts are not suited to her,
The cold dollar stowed, she can now purr.

In just one night, more love was shown,
A door was locked, sad thoughts to own.
Her eyes glazed over with the trials of past,
Crystalizing white from a touch beside her fast.

In her mind was a cold war and fight,
With love she will see a clearer light.
The change in some is hard to find,
Without love in heart, no change of mind.

A sadness of kind in a broken vow,
Doubting self and  to wonder how,
Released from the cold, time to glow,
Keep love  in your heart, not chilling snow.

My wife’s best friend I know this now,
She is not one with a jealous brow.
Shining bright whenever we would meet,
Golden cheek loved by two other feet.

Be true unto self and be the queen,
A pedestal above where you’ve been.
Look out to a horizon a love filled life,
Embrace this nature, your role of life.

A golden cheek, worth more than gold,
This poem written a story to unfold.
Nor dollar or object can buy what’s true,
A kiss on the cheek, hand held with you.

A dinner with two, a reflection for Lu,
My heart filled with warmth, words for you.
Your slender face brings you back to youth,
Thanks for sitting crooked and speaking truth.

Love and best wishes to you both… h