What do you mean, take care of yourself,
We are only memories, books on a shelf.
Alone mother nature brought me to life,
With her I have comfort, she is my wife.

To share our lives together without greed,
Helping each othwr in times of need.
Reflecting our days in each others mind,
Feeling purpose in others, of the same kind.

It has value far beyond material things,
No need for jewels on fingers with rings.
In mind alone beautiful images are born,
Always fightingn doubt, emotions torn.

Let time pass, the remains will be true,
Our emotions are tainted with every hue.
Dark shadows can cast an ugly doubt,
Two friends no longer sing, begin to shout.

Fragile soft whispers we strive to keep,
Sink into the depths, dorment and asleep.
The whispers of friendship forever remain,
Tornados of difference, a challenging pain.

When calm returns us to emotional bliss,
We hear the whispers, ones we truly miss.
Nor person or soul can command control,
Emotions are forceful, wtih them we roll.

Each day will pass, that is undeniably true,
The fakes will fade, the true carry through.
When all is clear, in one’s troubled time,
Friends exist as eternal, memoires sublime.