Driving back on the day that you did depart,
To decide what to do for my new life to start.
My heart, my soul was with you for a while,
I am back to help him keep his loving smile.

He found a friend, so true in you,
Buying me time away, with heart so blue.
I found the good man that is in me,
Alone with guitar, by a cool blue sea

I lived a life with much anger in me,
Wife choosing love from a grape tree.
One son of hope asked me to stay,
The other was mislead and ran astray.

Much pain of heart did I endure,
To fight the wine and find a cure.
Love dying fast, it turned into a lie,
Four months away, with time to cry.

Luke missing from my life my heart left behind,
Friendship filled a hole, you were so kind.
I spoke of people warm of life like you,
He found this truth, his eyes shone blue.

A fear of shame was in him now,
He kept a secret, a personal vow.
To not share burden of his disgrace,
His parents broken, he had no face.

It is not him to blame for failing love,
The anger and wine, the push and shove.
His time with you was filled with care,
To spoil the short time, he would not dare.

It is wrong of us in our old age,
To fill our lives with hate and rage.
Truth spoken that you will never know,
The wine takes the mind, it stops to grow.

My punishment was a fight for my love,
A cold hand feeling no pain, in an alcholic glove.
I failed my family, not money or pride,
My golden son, always standing by my side.

An honour in him to protect his life,
He should have spoken to you of the strife.
I spoke to him, that you are wise,
There is no room for half truth or lies.

Forgive him, Luisa, he meant not to hurt,
Hiding family disgrace behind his shirt.
It is me to blame, I could not stop the wine,
It rained on my heart, love stopped to shine.

I learned my mistake was I fought for my wife,
The wine more powerful that my family life.
My anger too strong for my heart to bare,
It is hard for a man with warm heart not to care.

It tried for many years to prove it was hurting Lu,
Each day the same, not growing, not new.
Each night the demon appeared in her mind,
She hates me now, she can not be kind.

I tell you this truth, for Luke it was too sad,
It is adults losing love, it is very bad.
I have taught him now that friends must be true.
No secret too bad, to hide from you.

He is sad and ashamed, but not to blame,
You will grow with age and witness the same.
Trust in him the gift of a most special  prize,
Proving warm blood in people will help you rise.

No other has done for my son what you gave
A gift of human kindness, an honour so brave.
A world of dog eating dog is not the cure,
A life teaching my son to be good and pure.