He shares with birds the sky,
With the eagles he does fly.
Two sticks he masters control,
Never to waste a flip or roll.

He glides through air with skill,
Thousands of fans to love and thrill.
The world seen through his eyes,
With a majestic grace he flies.

Rotor Riot the name of his crew,
Video frames and info for you.
Delighting us with their gift,
Bringing smiles with every lift.

He shares his ups and downs,
With his crew of motley clowns.
Whether at play or a race to win,
There’s always a joke and grin.

A tough game to stand on top,
The tall poppy they like to chop.
His heart is always on a sleeve,
Good always wins, trust and believe.

A champion from a banana state,
To a fraternity world wide, our mate.
Be good it’s good for you Chad,
There’s more awesome to be had!