To honour life,
Handed care of a wife.
Ending self in part,
A family to start.

With love that was true,
Her belly grew,
With eyes on her,
A man’s presence a blur.

His head was jammed,
Her pelvis crammed.
Eyes on the beating heart,
Dropping fast on chart.

I exited the room,
Seeking doctor was groom.
Rushing back with fear,
Trying not to tear.

He was dying inside,
My love for this bride.
Doctor quoting rules,
Hurry get your tools.

In theatre I cried,
Convulsing was my bride,
Exhausted she lay,
Lest we forget this day.

The trauma was done,
Blessed with a son,
I left the theatre scrum,
Wife was with her mum.

Sweets for the team,
No longer hearing her scream.
A grandmother new,
Happiness in me was true.

We called him Guy,
My family we did defy.
His name destined Mihran,
But for her I can.

A women fulfilled,
Her blood was spilled.
I knew not what lay ahead,
She lay on her bed.

The scorn of my mother,
Run to her and smother.
From this point in time,
Began the worst crime.

The fathers worth made less,
Began many years of stress.
I did nothing wrong,
Made not worthy to belong.

What has a man become,
Useless like a third thumb.
Mothering pride a must,
Pride of self it did rust.

What happened to me,
Am I blind and cant see?
The price of this boy,
A trojan horse not a toy.

My second was born,
His skin was all torn.
What have we done,
Dying was my son.

With science in eye,
Everything I could try,
This boy was unique,
The future was bleak.

With blood and tears,
Over many years.
I heard him scream,
Laughter only a dream.

Hospital now a home,
Hardship we did own.
My eldest saw it all,
In my heart he stood tall.

Guy loved him so much,
Innocently he did touch.
He never struck skin,
He was the best of kin.

Together they grew,
Their love ws true.
Inseparable and kind,
It enriched my mind.

So much to learn from this two,
Together they loved and they grew.
One strong and bold,
The younger we had to hold.

Encouraging was he,
Holding him high with glee,
Love is gold they say,
They enriched each day.

Guy grew big and agile,
Luke thin and fragile.
Together they play,
Laughs and tears each day.

Like Ying and Yang,
Together we sang.
Sharing a bath with toy,
Playing songs of joy.

How proud a dad,
Not just a fad,
This was life so pure,
No need for a cure.

As Luke grew , the blisters became few….

Ill finish it one day… when guy comes good.