A land filled with middle eastern soul,
Skies adorned with a monumental goal.
Sweet faces wrapped like a picture frame,
Respecting culture, not a social game.

Tall and proud the streets they do walk,
With smiles and honour their faces talk.
Flag grace the air with a sweeping flow,
Emirate leaders proudly make it grow.

The cuisine of kings enriches the air,
Chefs cooking delights with loving care.
The sunset casting a silhouette of pride,
City lights shining, diamonds on a bride.

Buildings adorned with cultured lace,
A growing metropolis with a rapid pace.
An ancient culture met with new light,
Leaders planning a future that is bright.

The world knows not of the humility,
Graced by artisans of this poetic city.
To walk the streets and meet the true,
Come see yourself where old meets new.

Confusing to some, very clear to few,
The sand swept land, the ocean blue.
Lifts and trusses, many a swinging arm,
Architects blessing a tall city’s charms.

Egyptian ancients built them on the sand,
Emirates revived the magnificent and grand.
Beyond the grandeur there is a humble cry,
Bedouin culture risen, where only falcons fly.