A champion

A fight with a doctor, that for my wife,
Our first was stuck, reaching out for life.
The second life born was soon to arrive,
A pointless struggle, no need to strive.

In a calm and timely manner he was born,
His skin was misssing, his thumb was torn.
What would life be with a thumb gone wrong,
If I knew of the struggle we’d live and belong.

In a matter of days his face fell apart,
A mere soft breast, the breakdown did start.
His feet were raw, his eyes were weak,
From his soft tender skin, his body did leak.

In less than a week, into intensive care,
Fear in our eyes, explanations to bare.
A fine wise doctor, mentioned a long disease,
A long weekend of torture, there was no ease.

Now sent home wrapped in bandage and cloth,
To share with family, it became our wrath.
Sped back to emergency, a young doctor in ward,
Spinal tap by a newbie, thwarted by an angel on board.

Her name Dr Little, a princess of light,
She took him quickly, she took on the fight.
Her master of skill, Dr Slaughter of name,
Together dancing to thwart this deadly game.

This small child challenged them both to death,
Life is fragile, they felt his every breath.
Starved of food, no spare veins to abuse,
Decisions critical, brilliant minds they did use.

He was now swolen, twice the size of newborn,
His skin shed like a snake, not once was he torn.
Gentle manner, strong hearts, he came to near death,
A prince appeared, a knight gave him one a breath.

Dr Ackworth his name, a prince of the night,
Entering this quest, brave man joined the fight.
Life put on the line, to risk one more chance,
Twice giving blood, standing strong in his stance.

On the night we lay waiting for that deadly call,
A young doctor challenged god as he stood tall.
The night did pass, morning call did arrive,
Come to the hospital now, he is still alive!

I saw my son, not more than a day before,
Still and not moving, with eyes at deaths door.
He looked at me, my heart lept from my chest,
My eyes glazed at the doctors, we have been blessed.

Early of morning, the beginning of one day,
Walking through fhe doors, by my side she did stay.
Dr Little did walk with me, honour on me most of all,
For this lesson granted, she stood high and tall.

A team of three doctors and a large nurse crew,
Supporting each day, his strength slowly grew.
The first feed was ten millilitres, it was all he took,
Day and night, nurses watched on with a caring look.

A team of champions looked after my son,
Not a moment alone, true care second to none.
Duty of care comes from those who are true,
The Royal Childrens Hospital, have that crew.

The pheonix had shed its crying tear,
No trials of our future would we fear.
Much time was lost from the very first day,
He was here now, and here he would stay.

Amazed we stood, the blisters had stopped,
Bent dead finger, rosey now and not lopped.
It healed and he rose, infection dead and he won,
Lest we forget the truth, the damage was done.

Many years it would take to recover the loss,
They say a rolling stone, gathers no moss.
We pushed on and battled many a devastating trial,
In this boy was a fight, a death defying smile.

We learned from him than our life could tell,
The doctors learned from him and they learned well.
Nurses were empowered with a reward of life,
From a series of events that caused this strife.

He was taken under wing by the head of the ward,
Doctors forthcoming, were measured and scored.
All the time eyes on him, ears open to his charm,
They used him to teach and ensured him safe of harm.

While clinics were frequent, his mother by his side,
My mind was on his growth and how to find his pride.
What can one do with a fragile cotton wool child,
He needed a rich mind and be more than mild.

Years of observing, thinking and thought,
For what he could to do feel he was sought.
In the shadow of his brother, a sporty kind,
This boy was defined as gentle and mild.

I tested him more than once, to find pride,
Walk my son, and this quad you will ride.
With blistered feet he stood and did tread,
The moment he rode, off in the distance he fled.

It dawned on me that he was over the fuss,
But never did he whinge or whisper a cuss.
His life lead closer to normal as he grew,
Theres something he needed only he knew.

He rode bikes and  boards, swan and ran,
He did what he could, imprssing this man.
Though nothing was enough to light up his eyes,
Nor was he boasting of unbleievable lies.

His limits were set, his manner was real,
To this fathers heart, there was more to feel.
School was not teaching my son to be proud,
I saw something more and sought it out loud.

His hopes were to shine with the love of a toy car,
The lesser young began to heal his life long scar.
With devotion unmatched he began his quest,
Wkth giants of people he gave it his best.

Years of patience, dedication and much work,
The whispers of ignorance around him, we did shirk.
One stwp at a time, he began to drive past,
No longer was he enjoying it while he came last.

He wrenched and cleaned, he tuned and he stayed,
Passing each driver over time, A class driver he made.
From states to nationals, world championships he did race,
Never once was there doubt,  this was his shining grace.

All good men who have known him, use the term gold,
He has grown to shine brightly, mature more than old.
Gracing his fathers life, with the most beautiful soul,
Free to live a young man now, and choose his own goal.

The future is his, the horizons are wide,
Never once has this son twisted words or lied.
He is my champion, a pure loving young man,
I trust he believes, I am his number one fan.

No being in life has loved me so pure,
No one I know has more fight to endure.
While slim and sleek, he is my granite rock,
Without him I am a lost bird without its flock.

Our pathes have taken us away in place,
Together we face the greatest disgrace.
Nothing shpuld have come between our life,
Not brother, not family, not friend or wife.

We love now in each others mind,
The beauty I see is of  my own kind.
Memories true, our future unsure,
My painful heart,  he is the only cure.

We know we cant have ‘and’ when it’s ‘or’,
Neither knows what lies beyond the next door.
One thing is certain, we are always there,
The baby on my shoulder, to the young man’s care.

I love you son, you are  my ,shi ing bright  light,
Like you at birth, this darkness is mine to fight.
An hour will not pass when I dont think of you,
Trust my heart will love again and stop being blue.

Nothing you do can change what is done,
I was scared back when I knew it was time to run.
You made me stay till I thought you had grown,
Now time has come to know who we are,on our own.

Love dad.