A good car, a great man.

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There’s Nige with a dub, he’s from our club. Timing perfect for spa, its not very far. He then asked lou, matts coming too. His conscience did bow, she just raised a brow. A ferry they did board, cars many to hoard. Its better notnto drive, overnight theyd arrive. McLarens on track, hotel and unpack. […]

First day of practice…


SAWASDEE HAA! I’m yet to attend a sanctioned event where the build up to the start of event didn’t drag on and a sense of anxiety amongst the drivers and crews didn’t create stress, Well the worlds is no different, we arrived 3 days early to get a feel for the environment, the people and […]

Worlds 2014 – Huge RC Thailand November


Keeping it real! We’ve been working hard to develop our RC skills over the last six years to make this a possibility. It’s been a wonderful journey filled with many learning experience, it’s more than playing with toy cars or polishing one’s ego with results. There’s a lot to learn and you have to love […]

2011 – Retrospective


Luke my younger son was born with a skin blistering disorder, he has a genetic mutation (natural evolution) of keratin protein that binds the Epidermal layers of skin to the dermis beneath. This causes blisters and as a father I struggled to find an interest that Luke could commit to, learn the value of experience, […]


THE BEST EVER RC CHASE CAMERA OPERATOR on the planet. 45 minutes of unedited brilliance!!! Shot free handed and shakeless. It was so good, it surpassed envious emotion, I am inspired by the quality of the framing, panning and zooming and the only break I witnessed was a couple of seconds shooting pit lane. I […]

This is special!!!

Stu Thomsom directed and edited this amazing footage of Danny Macaskill, called “Industrial Revolutions” and produced by http://cutmedia.com. My impression is that it reflects the current soft tones of short DOP and outstanding cinematography and backed with warm acoustic vocals of Ben Howard – “The wolves” Posted on Youtube by cutmedia1- Intentionally omitted title of […]

AUDI – Hamilton Island Raceweek 2011

It’s that time of year again, Audi is hosting the magnificent week of sailing in our treasured tropical waters of the Whitsunday Islands. The maxi yachts will be there along with a fleet of performance racing vessels that showcases our treasured Hamilton Island. Sailing out of the iconic Hamilton Island Yacht Club, the sailing coverage […]

Hamilton Island – AUDI Raceweek 2010 – Rocking oceans and air waves!

AUDI Raceweek 2010

As a racer, this month’s packed with entertainment on-road and this weekend off-shore. The AUDI Hamilton island raceweek commenced on the 21st with live broadcasts and daily vision streams for all to enjoy. Internet Radio: Raceweek Radio Video clips: AUDI Hamilton Island Raceweek 2010 Hosted by Dean Miller and a variety of informative guests, from […]

Graham Rourke – G17 – Lest we forget

Memorial Race Day – Moorebank Raceway – 31st January – 2010 It was our first state championships at our home track at Brendale. We were novices in amongst a garage filled with the buzz of racing and a gentleman appeared before me, a bronzed warming face and began to have a very Australian “YARN” with […]

403 Forbidden Error – HSphere

It’s OFF TOPIC, but it’s important! I assume many other WP users on HSphere Unix hosts have had similar problems and many of us seemed to be struggling with the issue and thanks to my host QuadraNet here’s their resolution. It mainly happened when when copying and pasting content. Symptom: Sometimes when you try to […]