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King Rama IX


His majesty has passed, his wisdom true, eternal beauty in all of you. His grace I’ve felt in strangers met, friends forever, I never forget. Bow my head and clasp my hand, blessed is the grace in your land. Children born with love in heart, carried in parents never to part. I saw a woman, her […]

The General


The General laced with silver stars, A passion for small and large cars. Driving many a soul around town, The wordwsmith had a heart of a clown. He cared and shared his troubles kept, We laughed a lot and sometimes wept. We’d fight over love and life alike, He loved the speedway and a classic […]



A land filled with middle eastern soul, Skies adorned with a monumental goal. Sweet faces wrapped like a picture frame, Respecting culture, not a social game. Tall and proud the streets they do walk, With smiles and honour their faces talk. Flag grace the air with a sweeping flow, Emirate leaders proudly make it grow. […]

The weather

Emirate sunset

Emirate sear in the extreme heat of the day, Europe turns pale when skies are grey. So much of life spent on this we speak, A year, a month, much more than a week. In the cold, the mind years for the sun, In the heat, the scorch removes the fun. Chilled fingers strike the […]

Breakfast in Dubai

Ful medames

In a land far away my mother spoke to me, A vast golden land, oasis by the sea. My first day of a month with a western buffet, Proudly sat a clay po, Foule Medamas on a tray. My eyes lit up as I raised the tall lid, The aroma of cummin, the olive pil […]



A glimmer of hope wafted by me one day, Meeting a kind swiss heart to have my say. On a mountain top he and KC welcomed me, Together we worked in debate and harmony. A struggle in time though our passion true, Much care was shared, the greatest virtue. A Hanna was sharp of tongue, […]

Golden cheek


Across me sat a golden smile, A cheek ignored for a long while. Beside her sat a warming hand, Love was found and it was grand. We spoke of love and trials of life, No longer a maid and a sad wife. Beside me sat my love to mend, Love was spoken from a friend. […]

Lovely sleep


Subconscious darkness, a black trance, Demons monstering the mind in a dance. Images painted without a warm embrace, Fooling the soul with a changing face. Adventure and escape without a goal, Toying emotions, corrupting the soul. Like space without time, eternal void, Awaking in fear, heart and mind annoyed. A large bed exists, only half […]



I love a beautiful girl who once talked to me, Holding her in my arms when others did flee. Her eyes filled with tears, cheek on my chest, Into her lonely bed I spooned her sad heart to rest. She travelled the world and returned to me, Her eyes shone with life, a family to […]


A man like no other, a brilliant mind, Humble in nature, to timber so kind. Genius so simple, a loving family man, His hands craft magic, like no other can. Trees whisper his name, take me they would say, To live on in an afterlife, please take me away. A handle is simple, not when […]



A good bloke Mike, who can always do, Not an average man, his word is true. His heart is warm, his welcome bold, Giving in nature, a warm soul unsold. From a distant land, a saviour for me, Hearing my cries, with my eyes he could see. Welcoming in word, worthy of trust, Honouring friendship, […]

A champion


A fight with a doctor, that for my wife, Our first was stuck, reaching out for life. The second life born was soon to arrive, A pointless struggle, no need to strive. In a calm and timely manner he was born, His skin was misssing, his thumb was torn. What would life be with a […]