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The General


The General laced with silver stars, A passion for small and large cars. Driving many a soul around town, The wordwsmith had a heart of a clown. He cared and shared his troubles kept, We laughed a lot and sometimes wept. We’d fight over love and life alike, He loved the speedway and a classic […]

The weather

Emirate sunset

Emirate sear in the extreme heat of the day, Europe turns pale when skies are grey. So much of life spent on this we speak, A year, a month, much more than a week. In the cold, the mind years for the sun, In the heat, the scorch removes the fun. Chilled fingers strike the […]

Breakfast in Dubai

Ful medames

In a land far away my mother spoke to me, A vast golden land, oasis by the sea. My first day of a month with a western buffet, Proudly sat a clay po, Foule Medamas on a tray. My eyes lit up as I raised the tall lid, The aroma of cummin, the olive pil […]



A good bloke Mike, who can always do, Not an average man, his word is true. His heart is warm, his welcome bold, Giving in nature, a warm soul unsold. From a distant land, a saviour for me, Hearing my cries, with my eyes he could see. Welcoming in word, worthy of trust, Honouring friendship, […]

A good car, a great man.

2016-04-04 14.33.25 Copy

There’s Nige with a dub, he’s from our club. Timing perfect for spa, its not very far. He then asked lou, matts coming too. His conscience did bow, she just raised a brow. A ferry they did board, cars many to hoard. Its better notnto drive, overnight theyd arrive. McLarens on track, hotel and unpack. […]

First day of practice…


SAWADEE KA! I’m yet to attend a sanctioned event where the build up to the start of event didn’t drag on and a sense of anxiety amongst the drivers and crews didn’t create stress, Well the worlds is no different, we arrived 3 days early to get a feel for the environment, the people and […]

Worlds 2014 – Huge RC Thailand November


Keeping it real! We’ve been working hard to develop our RC skills over the last six years to make this a possibility. It’s been a wonderful journey filled with many learning experience, it’s more than playing with toy cars or polishing one’s ego with results. There’s a lot to learn and you have to love […]

2011 – Retrospective


Luke my younger son was born with a skin blistering disorder, he has a genetic mutation (natural evolution) of keratin protein that binds the Epidermal layers of skin to the dermis beneath. This causes blisters and as a father I struggled to find an interest that Luke could commit to, learn the value of experience, […]