I love a beautiful girl who once talked to me,
Holding her in my arms when others did flee.
Her eyes filled with tears, cheek on my chest,
Into her lonely bed I spooned her sad heart to rest.

She travelled the world and returned to me,
Her eyes shone with life, a family to be.
Devoted to her, bound to her embrace,
My eyes would smile, looking at her face.

The girl I once knew is now hidden inside,
She is my love, my devotion and pride.
Her mind now confused, by a tragic past,
My love still the same, a love that will last.

Open your eyes my love, you can not see,
Climb over the wall and let yourself free.
Heart broken with illusions that you do in spite,
With love in my mind, I am usually right.

I care for the softness of your familiar cheek,
My heart still trembles and I become weak.
To let go of the girl that once loves me so,
The struggle to live a life knowing, I let her go.

If your wish to live lonely was a logical stance,
I would walk off at once and not take a glance.
In two weeks of hate, you are still warm to hold,
Please love what I say, this heart cant stand the cold.