Many years have passed wince I stumbled on an IRC channel where writers and every day people joined to enjoy the classical art of role play. While it was filled with imaginary characters, it was a rich and cpativating lesson in literary communication. Professional writers uused it as an arena to explore their imagination, express their creativity in word with others. While it captivated me with such detailed expression, it tapped into my own desire to communicate in a more colourful way.

It was a fantastic imaginary world, it had rules, structures and maps to help bimd and unite us, it also allowed us to explore our own communicative skills qnd I owe great thanks to Barbara and the Exodus Night game for that which my schooling and teachers could not find and nurture.

While the early forms of roleplay stemmed from hand written letters, todays games are full automated and there is no longer a need for the written word and conputer fantasy has accelerated it into a real time game.

Imwas fortunate to have found an intermediate era of RPG that allowed me to find my own writing skills, none of which can match those of the writers I played with, however my poetry is a product of this experience and I am grateful for it as it has changed the way I write, read and use the written word.

I owe my deepest thanks to Barbara Williams and all the team that made my experience a life changing one.

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