A good car, a great man.

There’s Nige with a dub, he’s from our club.
Timing perfect for spa, its not very far.
He then asked lou, matts coming too.
His conscience did bow, she just raised a brow.

A ferry they did board, cars many to hoard.
Its better notnto drive, overnight theyd arrive.
McLarens on track, hotel and unpack.
Dining with many a mate, to bed before late.

Come the crack of dawn, not even a yawn.
Excited Im told, into the Belgique cold.
Rolling off the car, onto the tar.
I can see him glow, mk2 sits so low.

Drivers did meet, and someone did greet.
A stinker let rip, must  be french onion dip.
Nige and Gurds, butterflies heard.
Matt and Ed, minds asleep in bed.

Gurds went out, the easy way about.
Lou bought a CD, omg what glee.
The golf up the hill, awesome and still.
Eau Rouge at speed, a wish and a need.

He chatted away, 100mph plus at play.
Cat loves a Carrera, the pinderwagon is betta.
But shes a girl, her hair will twirl.
Nige has few left, blame age for theft.

He got her a run, with a white porsche gun.
She was grinning ear to ear, happy now dear?
As I melt from the shot, taken behind the spot.
Eau Rouge a delight, mk2 leaning just right.

Poet drooling now, both eyes raised brow.
That shot from behind, will stay in my mind.
Savouring every shot, Im on the spot.
Matt riding the kerb, enjoying this blurb.

The camera doesnt lie, im about to cry.
I wish it was me, snapping at his 16VT.
The bumps they did take, hard on the brakes.
The car started to glitch, perhaps too rich.

An outing with Lou, ended poo poo.
A happy snap offline, engine just like mine.
Onto rope they go, behind truck and tow.
Hes braking for two, two brows raised on Lou.

The tow of shame, of course its lame.
But better than fire, it was nothing dire.
Ecu relay refuse, and burnt out a fuse.
A new fuse put in, I see a charming grin.

Riding the kerb, wall close enough to disturb.
A turbo lag, oh come now its an old Vag.
John Norrington in car, training at Spa.
Time to work the tail, brakes are on trail.

To exit the turn, rotate rear we can learn.
Its hairy to do, too much and youll see blue.
Overheated a hose, burning smell on the nose.
It’s Nige we have here, spares plenty, no fear.

The weather was fine, finding the perfect line.
911s plenty a glow, like colours of the rainbow.
Only a pair of GTIs, our club, our prize.
Nige in Gurds slipstream, its like a dream.

The box let go, Cat holding brolly on the go.
Nige on code yellow, time to get mellow.
With gearbox on hand, amazed I stand.
More coffee for me, whats next to see.

I belched in a choke, cut which end off, the joke.
Your face said it all, off the chair I did fall.
Your humour so bright, your passion just right.
Your talents are great, and you are a good mate.

Im giggling so bright, a bottle cut right.
With oil flowing back in, a returning grin.
Altruistic a man, helping Gurds when he can.
Ed lapping with ease, awesome pics to please.

Out again with Matt, a good son at that.
With envy I read, my older sons greed.
Yet the younger is gold, he’s now getting old.
Parts on the way, with him maybe someday.

Tighten when hot, not to be forgot.
Innovating the fix, from Niges bag of tricks.
You are amazing man, fix anything you can.
Inspiring beyond doubt, you’re making me pout.

Day one done, it seemed like fun.
Put the car to bed, all hands to the shed.
A dinner smiles bright, friends sharing the night.
Rain overnight did wane, Nige up early again.

Cars up on stands,  instrumental tool bands.
The brakes he did swap, the taper to drop.
Gurds changing a bearing, Nige once again caring.
Nige not the only one there, many others with care.

Its cars we do prove, they do need to move.
We help all the time, its real and not mime.
In the pits we can care, the track we can share.
Its not who can win, we all share the same grin.

It was time for Cat, to wear the drivers hat.
It showed on her face, she was leading the pace.
Its joyous to see, family honoured for thee.
You deserve it my friend, your give has no end.

Go for it girlfriend, a joy to each bend.
An outburst of smiles, deserving the miles.
A thwap to the head, indeed your not dead.
Nigel Pinder’s with you, in good company too.

Eric did a good deed, without any greed.
Good people know, how to make a seed grow.
This flower that shone, will always live on.
A dull days magic, due to people like Eric.

Nige a passenger with Matt, not liking where he sat.
Matt was better with age, smooth and no rage.
While biting his lip, Nige enjoyed his trip.
It must be the car, perhaps Matts driving is on par.

He spoke of respect, father to son I recollect.
For my son too, knows love put in a MK2.
They care for our love, its not push and shove.
A father and son, in a Golf made for fun.

Laughter did crack, a Gurds drove off the track.
Pointing finger up high, the smiles do not lie.
I think of Lou too, loving the both of you.
It is her pride, to be mother and bride.

Enough laps under belt, happiness felt.
Time for some lunch, for this happy bunch.
Then out with the cam, Gurds in tow behind dam.
Then swap for the lead,  3am and more to read.

The aero was fine, the tail was devine.
The rain was due, but the driving was new.
With foot on the brake, the rotating it makes.
Im happy to see, Nigel at spa with family.

The miss around the bend, tow of shame to the end.
Its happy to know, that you enjoyed the tow.
Its like racing my friend, sometimes theres no end.
The gold is the now, who knows why or how.

One thing for sure, your happiness is pure.
The memory lives on, it’ll never be gone.
It lives in our mind, for all of our kind.
You are a good man, because you help where you can.