A good heart is hard to find

A good heart is hard to find,  but they do find each other and share the beautiful feature that fewer people believe in, altruism and love.  The strong of character,  the true people go out of their way to find it.  A man yesterday found my wallet on the side of the road where I had my accident. He was on a pension,  a musician and a good heart to.  His love reached out and called me,  there was a hundred dollars cash he could have stolen.  Yet he didn’t want another human to have to go through the stress of getting licences,  new credit and bank cards and he called me.

I immediately said theres 100 dollars cash in there,  it’s yours..  He said he’s a pensioner and could do with it,  but are you sure…  I drove back in  friends car, called him,  he asked again,  are you sure..  I said yes don’t even question it…  He came down and I began to ask questions of life,  we talked,  he had a mentally ill brother in law to care for,  wife left him with the kids  hard life,  soft heart…  I learned more about myself and the life around me.

Luke was there,  he had cash I had given him,  I said gimme a hundred more son,  the man was set aback,  said absolutely not and afgued,  I stood there with the money in my hand,  said speak to me some more,  I’ve just helped the most beautiful people well beyond what I am doing  now,  it enriches me as a person,  it is who I am..

After much humility and grace he accepted it as a gift when Luke kicked in and said “you have no idea what good you have done for us…”  We departed with him saying I was very kind,  but he was more than that,  he was a true and good human being.

Be good,  it’s good for you.